Our Tools for On-Page SEO

Keyword Mapping Tool

Processing thousands of keywords while content planning is a daunting task. This tool helps in processing a single word per association along with keyword difficulty and column. It teaches you everything about SEO keywords from analyzing thousands of keywords to keyword targeting and escaping keyword cannibalization to preparing the content calendar.

Keyword Mapping Google Sheet Add-on

The Keyword Mapping Google Sheet add-on simplifies the task of analyzing different sets of keywords for On-Page SEO purposes.

internal link audit

Internal Link Audit

If you want to keep track of all the manual internal links, this audit tool will be your one-click solution. We will be launching it soon for WordPress users. If you are curious about it or want to participate in the trial, you can contact us

Competitors’ on-site SEO Analysis Google Addon

This will be another unique addon that will help you in analyzing your competitors’ on-site SEO. Instead of guessing which keywords to target, what keyword density to maintain, and finding missing related keywords, you can instead see what’s already working for competitors, and build upon that success.

This google sheet addon is available for limited users only. If you want to know about it, contact us.

Competitors Analysis