Keyword Mapping Google Sheet Add-on

Are You Ready to Become a Professional Content Strategist/Writer? Do You Want to Create SEO content that people love as well as search engines can crawl and understand?!

This Keyword Mapping Google Sheet Add-on teaches you everything about SEO keywords from analyzing thousands of keywords to keyword targeting and escaping keyword cannibalization to preparing the content calendar. We will give you a step-by-step blueprint to become a successful content strategist and ultimately making profitable and ranking websites.

DO YOU KNOW? Keyword mapping is the process of finding relevant and LSI keywords based on intent and topic.
Detailed Keyword Mapping

Introducing the Keyword Mapping Google Sheet Add-on

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Keyword Mapping is a tool to guide you towards content planning while keeping keyword volume in mind. The Keyword Mapping Google Sheet add-on simplifies your task of analyzing different sets of keywords for On-Page SEO purposes.

It scans column in your sheet that you specified and processes all keywords to provide a graphical way to represent ideas and concepts.

P.S. This trial doesn’t require your credit card information or email ID.

Do You Really Need Keyword Mapping Google Sheet Add-on?

Do you have a target niche and hundreds or thousands of keyword ready but you don’t know where to start from and what topics to cover in this niche?

In addition, do you feel that you’re out of ideas and covered the niche in its entirety?

Also, do you have a list of multiple competitors but you don’t know how to start with competitors’ analysis?

How can you analyze thousands of keywords? How can you decide what to cover in any particular niche or sub-niche? How can you never run out of ideas? How can you analyze competitors’ content?

Well, don’t worry, you can do that all with the help of Keyword Mapping Google Sheet Addon.

It is more like a step-by-step blueprint to build your own content calendar along with target keywords.

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Why choose this add-on?

Imagine the Possibilities

This add-on is more about interpretation purposes. Developing a keyword map sets up your articles and websites for success. You can create a keyword map, and develop a plan of action to reach the right people at the right time with the right messaging.

Determine the Priorities

Having thousands of keywords along with different SEO stats makes things very blurry and difficult to understand. As a Content Strategist, you might get distracted by so many things to focus in your spreadsheet.

With this add-on, you can combine keywords with their SEO stats and prioritize keyword ideas along with focusing on fully covering a topic and building relationships between keywords. All keywords aren’t created equal. We have to prioritize each keyword based on its usefulness such as general keyword groups that branch into smaller, more specific keyword subgroups.

Visual representation of keywords

Mapping out your keyword gives you a visual representation of your content strategy. Instead of just a spreadsheet with SEO stats, it allows you to see how your content relates to the overall goal of your content strategy.

Spreadsheets with thousands of keywords and SEO stats might make you feel dizzy. But a visual representation of keywords over a spreadsheet is always a good idea.

Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization is when a single website (e.g. unintentionally targets the same keyword across multiple posts or pages.

This add-on classifies all keywords in an easy to understand format. It ensures that Keyword cannibalization doesn’t happen at all.

Preparing Content Calendar

A content calendar is a roadmap plan that outlines when specific pieces of content should be created and published based on user needs, business priorities, and potential ROI.

A keyword map identifies opportunities for future content creation.  Many times the visual representation of your content will reveal holes in your strategy.  From there, you can connect the dots for users by creating valuable and relevant content.

Structure your internal linking

By having your keywords organized into topics and mapped to certain webpages, you’ll be able to effectively build internal linking, bringing together related pages.

The graphic presentation of keywords will ensure that you clearly understand the connections between words. It will ultimately help in planning your internal links.

Keyword Mapping Examples

LSI Keyword Mapping
Keyword Mapping
Twoway Mind Mapping
Mind Mapping Addon Screenshot
LSI Keyword Mapping Keyword Mapping Twoway Mind Mapping Mind Mapping Addon Screenshot