How to Install and Activate InternalLink Audit Plugin

How do you keep track of all those anchor texts and internal links (contextual links) which you added manually?

InternalLink Audit plugin is one of the best solutions to keep track of all your internal links along with anchor text with ONE Click ONLY.

How to Download InternalLink Audit Plugin?

You can download InternalLink Audit Plugin from multiple sources! However, the best and easiest way to download it from the WordPress dashboard

However, using this method will only allow you to download free plugins.

Thankfully, our plugin works on a freemium basis. You can try out all the features and then if required you can buy the premium plugin.

The first thing you must do is visit the Plugins ยป Add New option inside your WordPress admin area.

How to find InternalLink Audit WordPress Plugin from website dashboard

You will see a screen like the one in the screenshot above.

Find the plugin by typing the plugin name “InternalLink Audit”. Refer to the below screenshot to find our plugin


If you’re going to install a WordPress plugin on your WordPress website, be sure you activate the plugin in order for it to work. Failing to activate the plugin on your website leads to it not working.

Once installed, InternalLink Audit plugin is ready to work. Click on Dashboard and allow permission before you start with further steps. Refer to the screenshot below.

How to start with InternalLink Audit after it is installed

You can start your internal link audit process by clicking on the InternalLink Audit > Dashboard > “Generate Now” button.

How to find generat data button in InternalLink Audit WordPress plugin

Let it complete the process. It may take some time based on the number of articles on your website.

However, the Freemium version allows the processing of the first 50 articles only. If your website has more than 50 articles, you can opt for the Premium version.

How internallink audit plugin processes data

and after that, you can see a list of incoming and outgoing internal links and anchor text in tabular form.

InternalLink Audit report

InternalLink Audit Plugin report contains information about Post Title, Post URL, Total Outgoing Internal Links, Total Incoming Internal Links, Wordcount, Date, and action buttons.

Activating the InternalLink Audit License

You haven’t explored the best features till you buy the premium version. An audit of internal links works best when you process all the articles available on the website. They are limited to 50 articles in the freemium version. Also, if you want to export all the data in CSV file, you will need a premium version.

To proceed with the premium version, click on InternalLink Audit > Upgrade button as shown in the screenshot below.

Our Premium version has three subscription options. 1) Monthly, 2) Annually, 3) Lifetime

  1. A monthly subscription will cost you $4.99 per month.
  2. Annual subscription will cost you $2.50 per month and $30 per year.
  3. Our lifetime subcription is limited time offer and it will cost you $99 which is truly incredible option.
Subscription plan of InternalLink Audit Plugin

You can select your subscription plan based on your requirements.

Once you click on the “Upgrade Now” button, it will take you to the payment gateway. It is self-explanatory from here.

Once payment is done, you will also receive License Key.

Internal Link Audit WordPress Plugin Premium features

Start enjoying all the latest features especially processing of all incoming and outgoing internal links on hundreds of pages.

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